Breeding Standardbred horses can be very fulfilling and rewarding, especially if you’re able to match your mare and your stallion correctly, producing a horse that may not only go on to win a number of races but could also be successful in retirement as a future broodmare or stallion.

There are also a number of incentives made available to encourage breeders in NSW including certificates to encourage future breeding and exclusive race series with great prizemoney on offer. The NSW Breeders Challenge series is designed to promote improvement in the quality of Standardbreds bred in NSW.

A horse is eligible if the mare or stallion are registered and domiciled in NSW and the appropriate entry fees are paid (additional bonuses are on offer if both mare and stallion are in NSW).

More information about this series can be found at

There are a number of horse studs around NSW that would be happy to help you get started. The best place to source information and support regarding breeding is via Harness Breeders NSW. You can find plenty of information at